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“We will never return to Sinjar”

Núria Vilà                   Diyarbakir

Originally this report was published in Catalan at ARA newspaper.

The genocide of yazidis, perpetrated by the Islamic State, constitutes one of the most serious massacres in modern history. Now, three years after the tragedy, few remember that morning on August 3, 2014 in the mountain of Sinjar, in northern Iraq, where hundreds of yazidis were killed or taken as slaves into the hands of the Islamic State, who considers them infidels. Raed -fictitious name-, about 25 years old, has been able to escape for a few hours from the refugee camp where he lives in Midyat -in the Kurdish territory of Mardin, in Turkey, near the Syrian border-, to move to Diyarbakir, where he has enjoyed some hours of freedom outside the camp. Continue reading “We will never return to Sinjar”