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The ghosts of Hebron

Núria Vilà                        Hebron (West Bank)

Report published at GARA newspaper.

In the alleys of the old town of Hebron it is difficult to see a single person. While once the city was the commercial center of the southern West Bank, currently only remain empty streets, barriers that cut communications to the heart of the city, barred windows, shops closed, and those that remain open have sellers without buyers. “Our situation is very bad; Please help us buying something”, exclaimed young boys chasing Palestinian international activists and journalists who have come to know the situation firsthand. Tourists, there remains no trace, and locals just move inside the city when it is strictly necessary. Continue reading The ghosts of Hebron


Colapsar Israel

Reportaje publicado en Murray Magazine.
Ramallah (Cisjordania)

Desde Sudáfrica hasta Israel, el movimiento de Boicot, Desinversiones y Sanciones (BDS) se erige como catapulta internacional cuando el resto de estrategias de denuncia parecen haber fracasado. Lo que empezó el año 2005 como una coalición de más de un centenar de organizaciones palestinas ha acabado por poner contra las cuerdas a Israel o, al menos, ha debilitado su imagen de cara al exterior. Continue reading Colapsar Israel