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Daesh: uncertainty train

Núria Vilà               As-Salt (Jordan)

A wave of young Jordanians has dropped in recent years their quiet lives in Jordan to join an unprecedented extremist group: Islamic State. Never before has a violent organization had attracted such a large number of foreign fighters and, paradoxically, what we really know about it is little. Mahmoud –fictitious name-, a young man from As-Salt, has witnessed helplessly how some friends, neighbors and relatives joined Daesh. Like a train that drags uncertainty, all of them have died in the battlefield in Syria or Iraq. In the midst of a conservative society marked by fear, Mahmoud tries to break the silence to prevent more young people to choose the path of “death contract”.

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‘SKY. The Weird Syrian Kid’ at Istikana TV

My first documentary film called ‘SKY. The Weird Syrian Kid’ made through The Royal Film Commission of Jordan (RFC) has been screened in some film festivals around the world and also has been broadcasted at Istikana TV: http://www.istikana.com/en/episodes/sky-weird-syrian-kid-1 .

The film tells the story of Sky, a teenager boy from Homs, Syria, who fled his country because of the war when he was 14 years old. Living alone in the Jordanian border for six months, life was full of challenges. But when everything was falling apart Sky retook his dream: to be a dancer. Continue reading ‘SKY. The Weird Syrian Kid’ at Istikana TV